Christmas closure

20 December 2023
Pifco fairy lights The MoDiP team would like to send you best wishes for 'bright occasions' this holiday period. MoDiP, along with the rest of the AUB campus, will be closed from Friday 22nd December for the Christmas break and will open again Tuesday 2nd January 2024. Louise, Pam, and Shannon
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Preservation Series - Cellulose Nitrate

7 December 2023
Happy holiday season, At this time of the year many of us are spending more time at home, cuddling up to a fire and catching up with loved ones. It’s a perfect time for reflection and planning of the new year; and if you’re anything like the staff at MoDiP, some of that reflection and planning may...
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Introduction - Collections Officer

30 November 2023
Hello All, My name is Shannon Carr and I just wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself as the new Collections Officer at MoDiP! I began working in this role on November 6th and have already been involved in many exciting projects. Within my first week, I assisted in providing MoDiP...
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U3A Fun Photography

8 November 2023
The other week we welcomed a local Fun photography U3A group to the museum. We put together three sets of objects, which we hoped would inspire them. We chose objects that had colour, texture, reflection and interesting shapes. The three groupings included objects designed by Tom Dixon, objects used...
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Reuse - PET bottles

25 October 2023
One of the most widely used, and therefore recycled, item of packaging is probably the drinks bottle. The purpose of such a bottle is to, first and foremost, contain a liquid. It acts as a barrier between the drink and the outside world, as such, it prevents contamination and ensures that the drink...
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Injection-moulded vacuum jug

18 October 2023
As we have mentioned previously in various blog posts we are making our way through a series of trade journals that we have in the collection. They are proving to be invaluable in our understanding of some of the objects that we own. One of our latest discoveries relates to a vacuum jug which is not...
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Reuse exhibition: Design changes

11 October 2023
Our current exhibition, Reuse , has been inspired by legislation which has changed the way products are designed and materials are used. For example, i n 2019, the European Union published a directive that aimed to promote circular approaches to manufacturing giving priority to sustainable and non...
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PlasticsFuture 2023

19 July 2023
At the end of June, I attended a fascinating conference held at the University of Portsmouth. PlasticsFuture 2023 was convened over three days and brought together speakers from across the world to present their research around, and experiences of, plastics pollution. The team behind the conference...
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Salter 59 kitchen scales

12 July 2023
Once again flicking through the trade journals in our collection and recognising an object that we own has enriched our record with a wealth of information. This time I was looking through an edition of British Plastics from February 1955 and I stumbled across a fabulous article about the...
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5 July 2023
Decarbonisation is a theme in our current exhibition, Reuse . Carbon footprints are a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released over the full life cycle of a product. They are notoriously difficult to assess because there are many factors that need to be considered...
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