October 2018

To Bake or not to Bake, that is the Question?

29 October 2018
As the fruits of autumn inspire us to start baking in earnest, we tune in with relish to watch seasonal programmes on our plastic television sets. In Great British Bake Off, one contestant was shamed because they left a sheet of acetate (very useful baking material) to hold together their rapidly...
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Some interesting facts about Tupperware

22 October 2018
(that I couldn’t fit into the exhibition!) I have immersed myself in all things Tupperware over the past couple of months in order to research MoDiP’s new pop-up exhibition, ‘What is Tupperware?’. I thought I would share here some interesting facts I was unable to include within the display: 1...
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Plastic Albums

15 October 2018
The 8th October saw the launch of an exhibition as part of the UK’s first National Album Day celebrations http://www.nationalalbumday.co.uk/ . It features 70 of the most iconic album cover artworks spanning the past 70 years and will be showing at London Waterloo Station followed by Manchester...
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MoDiP AUB Student Bursary

8 October 2018
Would you like to be the next MoDiP AUB Student Creative? Fancy the opportunity to get up close and personal with a museum collection? Want to see your work on display and inspire others? Here’s your chance. We welcome applications from all disciplines. Be inspired by the work of past creatives...
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All the Fun of the Fair

2 October 2018
Not Thackeray’s Vanity Fair ‘Where everyone is striving for what is not worth having’ but the 2018 London Design Fair, Spitalfields, which we (the MoDiP Team) attended recently. On the contrary, designers from every corner of the globe, were striving for what is absolutely worth having, with...
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