August 2018

Julia Pulman - Engagement Officer

28 August 2018
MoDiP would like to welcome to the team our new Engagement Officer, Julia Pulman. Julia is covering for Sarah, who is off on maternity leave. I will get Julia to write a post introducing herself in the near future, and I have no doubt you will be hearing from her across our social media too. In the...
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The blood donor

20 August 2018
In 1961, The Blood Donor, an episode of the comedy series Hancock was show on BBC TV. It was written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson and starred Tony Hancock. It was later remade for the radio which can be heard here: I think of this because I am off to give blood this evening and can’t do it without...
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About plastics

13 August 2018
Over the past few months, we have been developing a permanent case for the museum space. We have thought long and hard about the content and the stories we have wanted to tell within the history and development of plastics in design About plastics explores design in plastics through: the invention...
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Second World War British Restaurant Tokens

6 August 2018
The British Restaurant scheme evolved from the Londoners’ Meals Service, which had been providing emergency feeding centres for people in London. This included people who had been bombed out of their homes, people who were unable to prepare meals due to interruptions in the supply of gas...
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1 August 2018
I have two cats. Well, not really, but during a recent rummage through my jewellery box I came across two acrylic rings in the form of cats. Whilst thinking about them and wondering why I don’t wear them, I was reminded of two past exhibitions in MoDiP – Beastly Designs and Precious Plastics? Both...
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