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15 October 2018

The 8th October saw the launch of an exhibition as part of the UK’s first National Album Day celebrations It features 70 of the most iconic album cover artworks spanning the past 70 years and will be showing at London Waterloo Station followed by Manchester Piccadilly and finally Glasgow Central. It made me think about how many albums feature plastic in their titles… 

2 ozs of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle - second album by the Welsh psychedelic/progressive rock band Man, released 1969. Image credit -
Words on Black Plastic – second album by Scottish progressive rock group Forever More, released 1970. Image credit -
  The Age of Plastic – debut album for the British New Wave group The Buggles, released 1980. Image credit - 
Plastic Beach – third album by British virtual band Gorillaz, released 2010. Image credit -      
Plastic Soul – debut album from American singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander, released 2017. Image credit -

I’m sure there are many more but I could remember far more songs that feature plastic in the title:

Plastic People – Mothers of Invention, released 1967
Plastic Fantastic Lover – Jefferson Airplane, released 1967
Plastic Man – The Kinks, released 1969
Polythene Pam – The Beatles, released 1969
Plastic Man – The Temptations, released 1973
Plastic Bag – X-Ray Spex, released 1978
24 Carat Plastic – ABC, released 1987
Italian Plastic – Crowded House, released 1991
Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead, released 1995
Plastic California – Steroephonics, released 1999
Plastic – New Order, released 2015
Feel free to add to the list…

Katherine Pell (Collections Assistant) 


PLASTIC SURGERY by the original Adam & the Ants when they were a punk band, 1 of 2 singles they released. Also featured on the album Jubilee, released in 1977, the soundtrack to Derek Jarman's punk-themed film of the same name.
Nigel Pell.

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