October 2022

Endurance - at high speed

26 October 2022
When we curate an exhibition at MoDiP we not only create a physical display but also an online version too. Part of this activity involves photographing objects that are to be viewed and getting intellectual property rights clearances from the designers and manufacturers involved. Writing to...
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Anna Castelli Ferrieri

19 October 2022
MoDiP has several pieces in the collection by Anna Castelli Ferrieri (1918 – 2006), the leading female industrial designer in Italy throughout the 1960s-1980s. She began as an architect, studying at the Politecnico di Milano and becoming its first female graduate in 1943. Her husband, Giulio...
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Endurance - in the air

12 October 2022
Our current exhibition, Endurance , shows how good design and the right choice of plastics materials can play a part in reducing risk to life and help us to survive in a variety of situations. The exhibition is made up of 11 cases the first of which, in the air , features a single object. Gentex...
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