Endurance - at high speed

26 October 2022

When we curate an exhibition at MoDiP we not only create a physical display but also an online version too.  Part of this activity involves photographing objects that are to be viewed and getting intellectual property rights clearances from the designers and manufacturers involved.  Writing to companies and individuals also acts as a way of spreading the word about the museum and creates relationships with those involved.

In our latest exhibition, Endurance, we have a case, at high speed, which looks at the use of motorbike protective clothing and the pads that absorb the impact of a crash. One of these protective pads was made by SAS-TEC, a German company who create shock absorbing systems.  The manufacturer is an innovative producer of body armour founded in 2004. 

The piece we originally acquired for the exhibition was a pair of pads that can be used on the shoulders, elbows, or knees.  As per normal practice, I emailed SAS-TEC asking for permission to use images of these pads and to let them know that they were to be featured in the up coming exhibition.  Holger Hertneck, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, replied with some extremely useful information about the product, especially the fact that the polyurethane used is plant-based and not oil-based and as such the material is more sustainable than if it had been made with fossil-fuels. 

SAS-TEC. SC-1/42 for shoulder, elbows and knees.

Holger also very kindly donated to the collection a range of other pads that SAS-TEC supply:

SAS-TEC SC-1/KA2air for shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, SAS-TEC SC-5/01, SAS-TEC SCF-1 both for shoulder, elbows and knees.

SAS-TEC TF30 for shoulders, elbows, knees, shins, hips or ankles, SAS-TEC SC-1/74 for the hips, SAS-TEC SC-1/CP5 for the chest and SAS-TEC SC-1/B47-2 for the back.


SAS-TEC SC-1/AN for the ankle, SAS-TECSC-1/ECAair for elbows, and SAS-TEC SC-1/EVO1 for shoulders, elbows or knees.


SAS-TEC SC-1/31 for use on the shoulders, elbows or knees, SAS-TECSCA-400 for the back, and SAS-TEC SC-K101 designed to be worn by children on the shoulders, elbows or knees.

We would like to thank SAS-TEC for their support.

Louise Dennis, Curator of MoDiP