at high speed

Motorbikes provide a fun and efficient form of transport but also carry with them a potential risk of injury or death if ridden at high speed, in difficult weather conditions, and in the presence of other road users. According to, between 2015 and 2020, an average of 6 motorcyclists died and 115 were seriously injured per week in reported road accidents. These risks can be mitigated by wearing protective clothing such as helmets, boots, and long trousers.

Such clothing is often referred to as ‘leathers’ yet many options are available in a variety of different materials. The denim-style Bores Driver Ladies Motorcycle shirt (1) does not look like a conventional, sometimes off-putting, motorbike jacket. This shirt offers a more comfortable design which makes it easy to wear both on and off the bike. It is water repellent, windproof, and breathable due to the vents on the chest, back and forearm. The inner lining is made of an abrasion- and tear-resistant Bortexx aramid fabric which protects the skin if the driver is in contact with the road during a fall. Shoulder, back, and elbow protectors can be added into protector pockets. These pads are sold separately allowing the motorcyclist to select the level of protection they require to suit their clothing and the kind of riding they do.


The Alpinestars Bio Armour Protection kit (2) comprises two elbow and two shoulder protectors made of injection moulded Sofprene, which is a styrene butadiene styrene based thermoplastic elastomer. The material is a closed cell foam which has excellent impact protection with laboratory tests showing results of up to twice the impact absorption capability of standard protectors. The Rokker brand Ghost knee or elbow pads (3) are made of D3O. The orange D30 is made of smart molecules that solidify internally upon impact, which distributes the force of a fall across a wider area as the shock is absorbed. Some protectors cause ‘read-through’ on clothing, where moulded features and lines put pressure on the fabric and cause colour fade. The Ghost protectors do not do this as they are very flexible and the smooth black side sits against the clothing. The SAS-TEC knee or elbow protector pads (4) are made of plant-based viscoelastic soft foam (memory foam) and can be reused after an accident as they will return to their original shape.