March 2022

Body beautiful: plastics

30 March 2022
In MoDiP we like to support and respond to various activities that happen across the AUB. This term our cultural partner TheGallery has been hosting a magnificent exhibition about fashion and diversity. Body Beautiful: Diversity on the Catwalk embraces inclusivity and body positivity and is open...
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Why plastics?

23 March 2022
Our latest exhibition, Why plastics? , is now open and will be running until 2nd September 2022. The original idea for it was based around a question posed by our Documentation Officer: why would a designer or manufacturer choose to make something out of plastics? One area of debate we encounter...
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Guinness Widget, John Lunn, 1980s.

16 March 2022
What better way for the Museum of Design in Plastics to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this week than with a blog about Guinness? You have to drink the Guinness first in order to access the widget. Image credit: Pam Langdown We recently catalogued some polypropylene widgets; the spherical plastics balls...
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Student Creative Lisa Moro: Mid way!

9 March 2022
This is my second blog for this project, and it is interesting to look back and see how my ideas have developed over the months. I was initially thinking of something which would play with objects in a novel way, then started to think about more specifically domestic labour-saving items and how I...
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Student Creative Jasmine Baker: Welcome back!

2 March 2022
We’re about halfway there with the project, and I’ve been busy conjuring lots of colourful things in the last few weeks, which I’m super excited to share with you! To begin with, I visited the MoDiP Museum to view some of the wonders I’d found peering through the online gallery and spent a sunny...
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