Chapter 9


The lure of plastic personality, our bodies laid aside.  2004

The development of plastics transformed the essence of the world we inhabit. Previously a world of clear material limits, plastics offered possibilities only curtailed by our own imagination, a world beyond nature.  As we enter the digital world, we have taken this desire for a world without limits further into our own sense of identity.  The screen allows us to endlessly remould ourselves and new technologies will eventually move us beyond homo sapiens.  The search for ever expanding horizons is one fork in the road.



When we were replete  


Oh we were longing and we found lightness  

Lighter than bone  

Lighter than breath  

Flying through a thousand screens  

Flying, freewheeling into a blue light dream  

The alchemical dream of me  

P P P P P P P P 

People of a thousand faces  

P P P P P P P P 

People of a thousand graces