Chapter 12

Fanfare for a new age

A premiere for the Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival 2021

Young writers at Poole Lighthouse, took up the challenge of researching visionary enterprises which address new plastic solutions through recycled and upcycled materials, alternative raw material feedstocks and biomimicry. They transformed this research into poetic text sung by Jeremy Avis. 

Bournemouth University music technology students used this poetry alongside a new fanfare and generated sounds from single use plastics. They upcycled these materials by improvising, degrading, recreating and recycling the audio into their own tracks.

Outputs from young writers libretto workshop


PIECE ONE Solidwool

Buckfastleigh, once the epicentre of a thriving trade in wool, sees the diminishing market for coarse fleece and so, research and innovation,
industrial transformation, manufactural explosion defining Change

Garment manufacture turns to furniture manufacture
Coarse nature
Strength and flex

Bio-composite material
And bio-based resin

Defines change
Defines change
Defines renewable

Define renew
Ethical collaboration

PIECE TWO Gum-drop Bin

This is at the Silent contribution, (Unseen pollutants)
Nanoparticles stretched between teeth,

But here is a small town solution,
For this big world problem
Billionaires who steal and seal themselves away
We pick up after them
We students forced to adapt our ways
Students find solutions for future days.

Problems only there to be overcome
To be overcome
Problems only there to be overcome
A mouldable polymer from chewing gum

Bright pink bubble shaped gum drop bin.

PIECE THREE Floating on Oceans

Floating on oceans (seemingly positive)
Shreds and shards
Floating on oceans (disturbing plastic waste)

New spirits, new spirits recaptured,
Phoenix from the ash,
Phoenix from synthetic ash,

Mimicking cycles (biomimicry)
Pulled from the earth, pulled from the air
Mimicking cycles
Pulled from the earth, pulled from the air

Making the bricks (ref.Greenbrick Workshops)
Locking our mistakes inside rebuilt walls.


Outputs from music students from Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth