Writing on location

... in a digital world.

Place: A domestic kitchen

When: The 1950s

A resource created by Dr. James Cole, Course Leader - BA (Hons) Creative Writing at AUB, and MoDiP

We can all see how writing on location is difficult at the moment, given the current climate, but location has always been intimately linked with time just as much as it is to do with place and with this come the inherent challenges of unlocking the past.  How can we write about a time and place that we might never have been to?  How can we create authentic descriptions of places set in the past?

As writers, we're continually tasked with using the senses and a variety of techniques to bring past locations to life and this resource is designed to foster a link to an era long gone.

  • How can you use the images to recreate descriptions of a 1950s kitchen?
  • How can further research into the artefacts unlock creative explorations into time and place?
  • How can you use one or more of the artefacts to inspire plot and/or characters?
  • How might a character navigate this space?  How would the way they might use the artefacts reveal more about their personality and their motivations?

Extension Activity: Can you curate your own exhibition, using the varied artefacts in MoDiP's collection?  Perhaps select a period of time that you're interested in exploring further and search for items from that era and location.  Build your own exhibition of objects from which you can draw creative inspiration.