Who's calling

The following images show a number of telephones from the collection dating from the 1950s to the 2000s.

To begin to build a portfolio:

  • Choose one telephone
  • Research it and the date around which it was manufactured
  • Investigate all areas of consumerism of that time, the type of houses being built, interior architecture, fashion design, car design etc.
  • From your research, identify a real or made up person from around that date, and design their full lifestyle
  • With emphasis on your chosen art, design or media discipline, decide everything about this person from their telephone outwards to build a complete profile as your portfolio
Telephone 1.
Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: Geemarc
Date: 2000
Telephone 2.
Designer: W J Avery
Manufacturer: GPO
Date: 1967 circa
Telephone 3.
Designer: Don Gerano
Manufacturer: Trimline
Date: 1968
Telephone 4.
Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: Betacom
Date: 1990s
Telephone 5.
Designer: D Tanfaglio
Manufacturer: Fratelli Guzzini spa
Date: 1999
Telephone 6.
Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Date: 1999 circa
Telephone 7.
Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: Small Talk
Date: 2000 circa
Telephone 8.
Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: Geemarc
Date: 1990s circa
Telephone 9.
Designer: unknown
Manufacturer: A P Beeson
Date: 1983
Telephone 10.
Designer: Martyn Rowlands
Manufacturer: STC Ltd for GPO
Date: 1966 circa