Injection Moulding

All the objects shown here are made by the process of injection moulding. They have been selected to suggest the full potential of the process. Click on each image and explore the different views of the same object. Think about what factors could have contributed to the choice of manufacturing process for these products and make a list of them.

Compare your list with our checklist and then make amendments if you wish.

Analyse the products in the light of these factors.

You may also like to read the documentation provided for each product by clicking on the relevant image below.

Note down what the products do and do not have in common in terms of the factors you have listed.

Use your notes to deduce the potential and limitations of injection moulding and write your findings down.

Then find out more about what the process involves.

Does knowing this make you want to add to or alter what you have written? Please amend your text as you wish and then compare what you have written with this information.