Output digital grab box

Who is this resource for?

Inspired by MoDiP’s Output exhibition, this digital grab box has been put together to aid the understanding of how plastic products are made.  It is a resource that can be used by any age group particularly 14 years and above, younger children might need help from an adult to understand.  We believe that adults will enjoy this resource too.


  • About plastics presentation
  • 11 manufacturing process factsheets
  • Activity 1: Product design

What to do

  • If you would like to know more about what plastics are have a look at the About plastics presentation or explore our Plastics pages.
  • Look at the 11 manufacturing process fact sheets (downloaded below) all of which contain:
    • a description of the process
    • an explanation of how the process works
    • what materials are used with that process
    • what clues are left behind
    • when the process was first introduced
    • the advantages and disadvantages of the process
    • the uses of the process
    • a link to the MoDiP catalogue showing you objects made using that process
    • a link to the exhibition page where you will find an animation of each process
  • Now that you know more about the processes you can design your own poduct following the activity instructions below.

In due course there will be a physical grab box which can be borrowed by schools and other groups complete with Powerpoint presentations and objects which can be examined to see if you can spot the clues.