Plastics for every body digital grab box

Who is this resource for?

Inspired by MoDiP’s Being me: plastics and the body exhibition, this digital grab box has been put together to help to inform young people about how plastics can keep us safe, able and alive by giving us protection, helping our bodies when we might otherwise struggle and performing life-saving functions.  It is written for primary age children but could be enjoyed by older children and adults too.


  • Summary
  • 2 videos available to download or view on youtube
  • Activity 1: Design safety gear to be worn whilst on a scooter
  • Activity 2: Design a super hero's prosthetics to give them super powers

What to do

  • Read the summary to help guide you through the process
  • Watch the Introduction to plastics for every body video - available to download below or view on Youtube
  • Watch the Virtual museum exhibition video - available to download below or view on Youtube
  • Get designing in the two creative activities
  • View the 'About plastics' presentation and 'Plastics ID' sheet for more information about the materials you might use in your designs.

In due course there will be a physical grab box which can be borrowed by schools and other groups complete with PowerPoint presentations and objects which can be examined to see if you can spot the clues.