Using the collection

European House of History - External Loan

6 March 2024
Recently some of our objects have been featured at the European House of History in their temporary exhibit, Throwaway. “Throwaway” is a project that unearths the hidden history of waste in Europe while simultaneously highlighting its significance as a marker of social change. Starting with the...
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Student Creative Lisa Moro: Mid way!

9 March 2022
This is my second blog for this project, and it is interesting to look back and see how my ideas have developed over the months. I was initially thinking of something which would play with objects in a novel way, then started to think about more specifically domestic labour-saving items and how I...
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Student Creative Jasmine Baker: Welcome back!

2 March 2022
We’re about halfway there with the project, and I’ve been busy conjuring lots of colourful things in the last few weeks, which I’m super excited to share with you! To begin with, I visited the MoDiP Museum to view some of the wonders I’d found peering through the online gallery and spent a sunny...
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MoDiP AUB Student Bursary 2021/2022

3 November 2021
Would you like to be the next MoDiP AUB Student Creative? Fancy the opportunity to get up close and personal with a museum collection? Want to see your work on display and inspire others? Well, here’s your chance… (We welcome applications from all disciplines.) Some examples of the work from past...
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Object Analysis sessions

20 October 2021
As term begins and the Arts University Bournemouth continues to welcome back students, we are beginning to return to some kind of normality. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been having zoom conversations with courses, introducing and reintroducing them to the museum and how they can use the...
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Plastic Vanitas, Mariele Neudecker, 2015

29 September 2021
Six years ago, MoDiP hosted an international conference called Provocative Plastics , which took place over two days at the Arts University Bournemouth to explore the past, present and future potential of plastics. At the same time, we had an exhibition of photographs on display in TheGallery by...
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Your five a day

9 September 2020
Inspired by our current #anappleaday social media campaign for September, I thought why not show how our collections can encourage us to reach the ultimate healthy-eating goal, and go the whole hog (not a great expression for a vegetarian) with a blog post featuring your 'five a day' fruit and veg...
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Still engaging with audiences

17 June 2020
Attila Stool Before the enforced COVID19 closures, I had been arranging for the ICON Modern Materials Network to visit MoDiP. The day would have included a talk from Fran Conrad, Course Leader for the MA Design and Innovation at the AUB, a visit to the AUB’s workshop to look at 3D printing, and a...
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International Museum Day

13 May 2020
Monday 18th May 2020 is International Museum Day, an event that has been running since 1977 with the objective of raising awareness that museums are an important agency for cultural exchange. Last year 37,000 museums across the world participated in this celebration from 158 different countries and...
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Student Creative - Jak Hansford

8 April 2020
These past 20 weeks of the student creative project with MoDiP has been a journey of exploration and transformation from museum artefact to finished fine art piece. I started my journey through proposing my idea of machine tufting. I had planned to take it in this direction from the very start...
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Student Creative: Jak Hansford

12 February 2020
MoDiP Midway Progression It’s now halfway through my student creative journey and the project has really begun to transform through experimentation. The process began from selecting key objects from MoDiP and observing them through drawing and photography. Studying these was helpful in...
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