Student Creative Lisa Moro: Mid way!

9 March 2022

This is my second blog for this project, and it is interesting to look back and see how my ideas have developed over the months. I was initially thinking of something which would play with objects in a novel way, then started to think about more specifically domestic labour-saving items and how I could play with the objects and their uses. 

I have collected lots of material and have tried thinking about different ways to represent the different objects and what they represent. 


AIBDC : 006304SA

I have also noticed that with digital scanning a different view becomes available, as we can see items from the inside


This idea has led me to start to think about being able to view the inner workings of some objects. Often when viewing an interesting or classic design of an object the use in practice can be overlooked, I have with this in mind been gathering scenes of people preparing for or using the items- doing the background work


An example here is in relation to the sewing box where I have taken a 3D scan of a scene where two women are doing their craft. 


As I work towards my final iteration, I anticipate that I will create three such scenes where the inner workings of an object are revealed in life size proportions.

Lisa Moro