Still engaging with audiences

17 June 2020
Attila Stool

Before the enforced COVID19 closures, I had been arranging for the ICON Modern Materials Network to visit MoDiP. The day would have included a talk from Fran Conrad, Course Leader for the MA Design and Innovation at the AUB, a visit to the AUB’s workshop to look at 3D printing, and a session looking at the newly installed Materials Library set up by the AUB library team.  We were really looking forward to welcoming the group to MoDiP, but it wasn’t to be.

E Series Chair

As you can imagine, I was over the moon to subsequently be invited to join a series of webinars held initially by ICON’s Book & Paper Group, but opened up to the other ICON specialist groups.  The series of talks comes under the heading of Conservation: Together at Home, and it was great to reach out to this audience and introduce them to MoDiP.  We have quite a small space so we would not have been able to accommodate the nearly 90 people who attended.

Beetleware cruet

If you would like to watch the talk, it is available on the Conservation: Together at Home webpage and sits alongside some other really interesting presentations. 

We are enjoying the opportunity to explore new ways of engaging with people but we do miss all of our students, colleagues, visiting researchers, external groups, and the general public.

Until we meet again.

Louise Dennis, Curator of MoDiP