XCountry 118 touring pulk, Fjellpulken, 2021.

23 November 2022
When I began researching the ‘polar’ case for MoDiP’s Endurance exhibition, I came across an expedition report written by a team from Imperial College London in 2005. It recorded the experiences of a group of four students who had crossed the Greenland ice cap, unsupported, the previous year...
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Re: cycling

29 June 2022
The 2022 Tour of Britain bike race takes place from 4th - 11th September, with Stage Seven seeing the riders pass through MoDiP’s local area. In anticipation and in celebration of this exciting event, we have put together a pop-up exhibition exploring the increasing role of plastics within the...
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Le Mans

20 November 2019
The cinema release of the film Le Mans 66 starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale this week transported me back to June this year when I experienced the historical race for the first time. The 24hours of Le Mans is a motor race not just of speed but of endurance too. The fastest car is not guaranteed...
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Bike Helmets

6 February 2019
Just before Christmas I foolishly dropped my bicycle helmet causing a large split to the inner foam. Having compromised the integrity of the helmet, I knew it would no longer provide adequate protection and I was going to have to go shopping for a new one. I did some online research to get...
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Bournemouth Wheels Festival

4 June 2014
During the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May I took in the joys of the very first Bournemouth Wheels Festival . If you like cars, bicycles, motorbikes, anything with wheels this is the festival for you. There were Supercars, vintage cars, Monster trucks, Bears on Bikes and a night ride for...
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How students and staff use the collection #8 - International Students

6 September 2012
During the summer months of 2012 MoDiP has been busy supporting the work of the summer schools and our International students by providing access to the collections in a number of ways. In July we were asked to provide a collection of brightly coloured artefacts to support the Fashion Studies Summer...
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