Introducing Jasmine Baker, MoDiP Student Creative 2021/2022

12 January 2022

Hello there!

I’m a current student of BA illustration in my final year at AUB and I’m fortunate enough to be one of MoDiP’s student creatives of 2021/2022.

I’m really passionate about picture books. Why? Simply because there is something joyously magical, and entirely whimsical in illustrations for children. Creating spaces for them to explore, learn and test their imagination, all with the bonus of being able to tell stories! – and needless to say, I’m also really passionate about telling stories.

I’m also wholly enamoured with the quote that “Pictures say a thousand words”.

So it would make sense that my proposed project with MoDiP would be a wordless picture book! – One that concerns itself with how we perceive plastic.

I also set myself three main questions to help me get started :

  • What would a child’s perception of plastic be?
  • What would they think it’s purpose serves?
  • To a child, is plastic inherently positive or negative?

My first idea for a concept, was ‘Treasures’, a tale of a child who upcycles the plastic they find upon the beach (Possibly after an encounter with an upset mermaid, because I love folklore & mythology) which leads to the shoreline becoming a little bit cleaner, and the town, a little bit brighter with their creations.

Which was in part, inspired by MoDiP’s recent exhibition, ‘Beside the sea’ :

Here are a few of the sketches:

Wave illustration

Decorative end pages - blue, pink and yellow

But I wanted to scout out multiple different approaches, so I decided to utilise MoDiP’s wonderful collection of objects more consciously for inspiration, because how better to understand plastic, than a whole museum dedicated to it?

Specifically, I searched for objects children might encounter, and these were some of my favourites!


Zolo - Creative building set (top) and assembled (below)

Pipsquigz - Suction based assembly


Roomii - Toy & toy storage

What stood out to me about this collection of objects, aside from a desperate desire to play with them, were their qualities of vivid colours and versatility. Which ended up sparking the inspiration for some pattern-based designs.


I found the simple shapes and colours super fun to experiment with, as they held a deconstructed reminiscence to some of the toys I had discovered.

So my second, and most current idea for a concept, is to explore the world of children’s toys - still within the context of a wordless picture book. With a reminder to myself that this project doesn’t need to be at all conventional. It could be understated and mundane, or ambiguous and surreal and even controversial. It’s an exciting opportunity to explore lots of different possibilities!

Looking forward to the next update, I’ll see you then!

Jasmine Baker
BA Illustration


That sounds like a wonderful project and so engagingly explained.

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