Gas pipes

17 June 2015
Please note: MoDiP will be closed for the whole of June due to refurbishments in the library.
I enjoy nothing more than plastics spotting on my way to work in the morning.  Due to new building works a gas pipe is being installed around the edge of the campus.  This process involves lots of plastics.  The gas pipe itself, the safety barriers, road cover, and one of the road signs in the image below are all made of plastics.


The yellow gas pipe is made of MDPE (medium density polyethylene).  This is a material which is lightweight, making it easy to manhandle and install, and non-corrosive, making it leak proof if installed correctly.

The safety barriers and road sign are made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) which mean that they are again lightweight and easy to put in place, they can also be recycled once they are no longer of use.

Lastly, the yellow cover allowing pedestrians to cross over the trench safely is made of (GRP) glass reinforced plastics a material which is lighter than a steel alternative, stronger than a wood plate, and with a anti-slip surface making it safer in the wet than both alternatives.

Louise Dennis (Assistant Curator)