Plastics spotting

Seen and unseen - On the road

12 June 2024
When was the last time you looked at a traffic cone? I mean, really considered it. Have you thought about how was it made, what is it doing, how did it get where it is? Well, now is your chance. We have a cone on display in our current exhibition, Seen and unseen . The first traffic cone as we know...
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Seen and unseen - Warning

22 May 2024
As part of our series of blog posts relating to our Seen and unseen exhibition, I am taking a closer look at the Warning case particularly the Utility barrier. The utility or manhole barrier acts as a warning sign and obstruction to prevent pedestrians from falling into a hole in the ground created...
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20 July 2022
On the 7th July I went to my first ever football match. Many members of my family have been regular supporters of our local team, and others, over generations but I am not a fan of ball sports preferring those with wheels and often engines too. However, the Women’s Euros are on, and a number of...
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Revisit the 80s in Memphis: Plastic Field

19 May 2021
A new exhibition at the MK Gallery in Milton Keynes (02/12/20 – 12/09/21) explores work from the influential 1980s design movement, Memphis. Memphis designers with Masanori Umeda's Tawaraya Bed, 1981. Image credit: Studio Azzurro. Courtesy Memphis Post Design Gallery. The Memphis Group was founded...
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My plastics at home: part 3

5 January 2021
Another year, another lockdown so obviously time for another My plastics at home blog! I was thinking about the last blog we had written in this series where each member of the museum team had chosen a plastics object from home that was important to them in some way. It suddenly occurred to me that...
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Material value – Christmas tree

23 December 2020
As Curator of MoDiP, I find myself talking a lot about the understanding of the material value of plastics. That is to say, showing that the material family is not made up of ‘cheap’ materials that do not matter, or that are made into inconsequential objects that can be thrown away without thought...
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My plastics at home: part 2.

18 November 2020
As we are now in the second coronavirus lockdown, I thought it would be interesting to re-visit the My plastics at home blog series. The MoDiP team are all working from home for some, if not all, of the week (staff involved in tasks that require access to the collections continue to come onto campus...
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My plastics at home: part 1.

15 July 2020
Inspired by a blog written by Carla Flack, Sculpture and Installation Art Conservator, Tate, I decided to investigate some of my own plastics at home, to see if I could identify what materials they are made from and (hopefully) find out more about their history. For my first object, I selected this...
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Bored, Games!

27 May 2020
Board games are just the thing to stop us from getting bored during self-isolation. Here are some classics from the museum’s collections. This gaming piece ( AIBDC : 006889.1 ) offers 2 for 1: chess on one side, draughts on the other. Made 50 years ago using moulds from the 1850s, the material is...
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Le Mans

20 November 2019
The cinema release of the film Le Mans 66 starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale this week transported me back to June this year when I experienced the historical race for the first time. The 24hours of Le Mans is a motor race not just of speed but of endurance too. The fastest car is not guaranteed...
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Plastics Spotting in Portugal

14 August 2019
In May, I visited Lisbon, Portugal for a conference and took the opportunity to do a little plastics spotting whilst I was there. A nice surprise greeted me on the dressing table of my room, Kartell’s Bourgie lamp designed for Kartell by Ferrucio Lavian is such a statement piece. MoDiP has a silver...
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The blood donor

20 August 2018
In 1961, The Blood Donor, an episode of the comedy series Hancock was show on BBC TV. It was written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson and starred Tony Hancock. It was later remade for the radio which can be heard here: I think of this because I am off to give blood this evening and can’t do it without...
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