June 2012

Graduation Day

29 June 2012
MoDiP would like to wish all the AUB students graduating today a fabulous day. Congratulations and best wishes for the future. Susan, Pam and Louise.
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Guess the object

22 June 2012
MoDiP has the kind of collection that you may think you are very familiar with. We have objects which we all use every day, and some pieces which are more unusual. By looking at this distorted image are you able to guess what the object is? What do you think it could be used for? Post your answer in...
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The past inspires the future continued

14 June 2012
The pupils from Malmesbury Primary school also had the chance to view two exhibitions whilst they were visiting. First of all they looked around our Work, Rest & Play exhibition. They enjoyed looking at the toys and sports equipment in the play section, the portable record player in the rest section...
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The past inspires the future

11 June 2012
In the middle of May we had a visit from 90 children from Malmesbury Park Primary School. They came to study the masks which we have in the collection. Many of these masks were made in 1999 by costume students for the film Entrapment . The children were making sketches in preparation for a day back...
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The Jubilee - part 3

5 June 2012
In the 1950s the royal family were extremely popular and the country came together after the hardship of war to celebrate in style. Street parties were the order of the day and the decorations had a real patriotic feel to them. Easy clean, disposable tablecloths needed to be reflect the overall...
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The Jubilee - part 2

1 June 2012
As I said in the last post there are some fantastic excuses to celebrate this year. The Jubilee is taking the country by storm, products with a Jubilee theme are becoming very popular. The Jubilee celebrates 60 years of the Queen succeeding the throne in 1952 following the death of her father, King...
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