February 2011

Did you know? #4

28 February 2011
Did you know MoDiP is open whenever the library is? The door is always open for you to view the exhibition. If you would like to talk to a member of staff there is usually someone available Mon-Fri 9.30 – 16.00 or you can contact us by telephone or email. Louise Dennis, (Assistant Curator)
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EKCO exchange

23 February 2011
Today we were visited by Ken Crowe, Keeper of Human History at Southend Museums Service http://www.southendmuseums.co.uk/ . He came to see us to swap information on Ekco (E.K. Cole Ltd) plastics. Ekco's Plastics Divison was located at Southend-on-Sea and the Museums Service there has built up a...
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Look-Here! End of project conference

22 February 2011
On the 8th February 2011 the MoDiP team attended the Look-Here! end of project conference (link to vads blog). The project looked at ways of digitising museum, library and archive collections to create better access to the artefacts housed. I have attended the 6-weekly meetings of the project which...
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Did you know? #3

21 February 2011
Did you know that you can book objects out for use in your AUB studio space? Book an appointment by email, telephone, or come and see us in person to discuss the options. BA (Hons) Graphic Students using the MoDiP collection Louise Dennis, (Assistant Curator)
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AUB 1960s day

18 February 2011
Yesterday saw a University wide 1960s celebration in honour of the Mister Sixties exhibition on display in The Gallery . Some students and members of staff dressed up appropriately for the occasion and a special menu was served in the Arts Bar. As part of the activities MoDiP joined forces with The...
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Sottsass's Valentine

14 February 2011
Forty-two years ago today pop came to the world of typewriters. The Valentine typewriter was launched on 14 February 1969. It was designed by the late Italian architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass, with the British designer, Perry Ellis, for the Italian firm, Olivetti. Most often manufactured in...
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Mister Cellophane

11 February 2011
References to plastics in the music business say a lot. The Beatles' Polythene Pam was a Liverpool scrubber and the kind of girl who makes the News of the World; Frank Zappa was sure that 'love will never be a product of Plasticity'; and Poly Styrene was a disaffected punk who sung about 'the day...
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Effective Collections

10 February 2011
MoDiP has been awarded a grant from the Museums Association as part of their Effective Collections campaign. The grant has paid for a coach to help us make links with other museums and find other ways to make an underused collection more widely accessible. With permission from the Worshipful Company...
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How students and staff use the collection #3

7 February 2011
Our current exhibition Nature’s Plastic: Artefacts from the collection of the Worshipful Company of Horners has proved to be a very popular subject from drawing practice. We have had a number of students come in with their sketch books to draw items on display. The most popular piece has been the...
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