Promotion of reuse

Single-use packaging is a significant contributor to waste and pollution especially when they are not recycled after use.  Plastic products can encourage reuse by being light in weight, easily sealed, and simple to clean.

The eau good bottle (1) is designed to hold a section of Japanese charcoal in place and so has a notch for the charcoal to sit in. The charcoal filters the water in a traditional way reducing the chlorine, adding minerals, and balancing the pH. Using this bottle and filter system reduces the need to buy bottled water and therefore reducing the need for single use bottles. Each filter can last up to six months and can then be recycled in different ways after use, for example, composted.


By replacing cling film, foil or disposable sandwich bags, the Wrap-n-mat (2) has sustainable credentials.  The outer material is made from a cotton/polyester mix and the lining is LDPE. Similarly, the silicone Banana leaf lid (3) is designed to fit any smooth rimmed bowl to create an airtight seal to keep food fresh. It can be used on the microwave, on the stovetop, and in the oven, as well as put in the dishwasher.


Paper cup cake cases can be replaced with these silicone alternatives (4). Silicone does not absorb flavours, is flexible, heat resistant to 315 degrees C., is washable and with all these properties, reusable.

The use of polythene carrier bags given away with every purchase in a shop has been reduced significantly with the introduction of the 5p charge since its introduction in 2015.  Carrying a reusable bag has now become the norm.  This bag (5) is made of 100% recycled bottles.