Music: Karen Wimhurst

Words: Found text, arranged by Karen Wimhurst

Vinyl crackles… a locked groove… the breaking of plastic waves. In an attic of bubblewrap, the story of our synthetic world is unpacked. 1907; an era brimming with bakelite excitement dawns; the end of poverty and exploiting our natural world… no need for ivory… a glorious democracy built with this material of endless forms. The polymer parade begins; the scintillation of cellophane, advertising and consumerism takes hold; easy wipe clean living, the immorality of single use throwaways.

Synthetica is a fractured sung narrative exploring the Midas touch of our times… so much made possible within the heartbeat of environmental catastrophe.

This production has evolved from the MoDiP project w-Rap Two


Tickets £7.50 bought in advance online and £9.50 at the door.