Sustainable design

Enzo Mari exhibition

15 May 2024
A few weeks ago, the MoDiP staff visited the Enzo Mari retrospective, displayed at the Design Museum in London. The exhibition, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francesca Giacomelli, focuses on the extensive and exploratory career of Enzo Mari with emphasis on his belief of the social...
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Reuse: Not Single Use

12 April 2023
Since the introduction of the first disposable hot drinks cups by American company DART in the mid 20th century, the consumer has become used to the concept of single-use. Dart Manufacturing Company was established in 1937 in Mason, Michigan, USA making plastic key cases, steel tape measures and ID...
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Our latest exhibition - Reuse.

15 March 2023
This week we have been busy taking down our last exhibition, Endurance , and installing our new exhibition, Reuse . We have been joined by one of our volunteers, MA Fine Art student Sourabh Sharma, seen in the images below emptying the cases and wrapping objects for their return to storage. Although...
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WaterWheel, Wello, 2022

8 February 2023
Water is an essential requirement for all life, but it is estimated that over two billion people live in areas where there is no access to clean water. Across the world many women and children travel long distances each day to collect water for drinking, hygiene and crop irrigation, affecting life...
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Bee Saviour Behaviour card

1 February 2023
Just before Christmas, MoDiP acquired a Bee Saviour Behaviour card (refer image below). The Bee Saviour Behaviour card shown front (top, left) and back (bottom, left) alongside packaging (right). Image credit: Katherine Pell It is an easy-to-carry bee rescue kit that contains a sugar solution which...
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Anya Hindmarch - a triptych

4 January 2023
Anya Hindmarch founded her business in London in 1987. The luxury brand is now known for its ground-breaking work in sustainability. It is committed to creating responsibly, and striving to innovate to reduce its impact on the earth, whilst also using its platform to drive education and discussion...
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Groasis Waterboxx plant cocoon, Pieter Hoff, 2009.

14 December 2022
A desert is commonly defined as an area of land that has less than 25cm of precipitation in a year; a climate that is too dry to support extensive vegetation. Despite this problem, people have managed to survive in these hostile regions for thousands of years. Methods for accessing water supplies...
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Earth Day 2022

20 April 2022
With Earth Day coming up on April 22, MoDiP has a session today with students from our Creative Writing course in support of Dr Kevan Manwaring’s ‘Writing the Earth’ Programme. Many discussions across the world this week will explore the negative impacts that plastics and the products they are made...
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Friend and Faux

15 December 2021
We have just opened our latest exhibition Friend and faux , which explores both the historical and contemporary use of plastics materials in replacing animal products. Right from the beginning of the story of man-made plastics, this material group has been used to imitate the natural world. Because...
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We’re open!

16 June 2021
Yay! After just over a year of being closed due to Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions, MoDiP is now finally able to open up once again. And what a better way to celebrate than with a brand-new exhibition: Beside the sea . This exhibition celebrates the fun of the seaside but also considers...
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Plastic fails

26 May 2021
If you’re a regular reader of the museum’s blog, you’ll know that we like to promote plastics’ virtues because this material group is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Reading Pam’s recent post where she talked about the EasyRoller 2 wheelchair, she highlighted ten different types of plastics...
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Shopping Bag 329/Hinza Bag

12 May 2021
From a collections care perspective, it is always great to welcome a brand-new object into the collection. That way we can be relatively certain the material will behave in the way we expect it to over time, when we display and store it. A lovely, brand new object in the collection. Image credit...
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