Designated Design seminar

7 December 2022
In this week’s blog post we would like to look back on an afternoon seminar we held at AUB on 1st December in partnership with TheGallery. The seminar sat alongside our Designated Design: a plastics collection of national importance exhibition both of which are a celebration of, and thank you to...
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MoDiP’s letter to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

1 December 2021
MoDiP’s letter to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in response to the current government consultation on banning single use plastic cutlery and plates. A public consultation has recently been launched by the UK government to consider banning commonly littered single-use plastic items in England...
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Current exhibition: Being me

30 December 2020
Unfortunately, MoDiP will remain closed unil further notice. However, you can still view our current exhibition online. Being me: plastics and the body The problems that plastics can create for the human body are now becoming better understood. Plastics materials cause health issues for people in a...
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21 October 2020
Inspired by Black History Month, we decided to review our collection with regards to diversity. Many museums have done similar activities, in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, highlighting objects that have been looted from indigenous peoples or that celebrate the work and achievement of...
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Sand Play

10 June 2020
Scrunch-bucket Although cultural venues have had to close their doors for the time being, there is still work going on behind the scenes: our Collections Officer is still keeping a careful eye on the physical state of MoDiP’s collections, with periodic visits to ensure that there are no problems...
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Closing the museum for lockdown

6 May 2020
On receiving notice that the AUB campus would be closing from 5pm on Friday 20th March 2020, in line with the Government’s country-wide lockdown for COVID-19, the MoDiP team had only a few days to get the museum organised. We had just completed the installation of our latest exhibition, Being me...
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Plastic bags

18 March 2020
From the beginning of this month (01/03/20), New York became the eighth state in America to impose a single-use plastic bag ban. Many countries have already phased out the ‘disposable’ plastic bag including Bangladesh, the first to do so in 2002. In the UK, a 5p plastic bag fee was first introduced...
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27 November 2019
We all need permission to play sometimes…permission to down tools, permission to stop worrying about deadlines and permission to well, just have a bit of (very sociable) fun. That was partly the idea behind Playtime, but we also saw it as a way of welcoming students into our wonderful museum space -...
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Output animations

2 October 2019
As part of MoDiP’s current exhibition ‘ Output’ , AUB Alumnus Jody Sweeney, BA (Hons) Visual Communication, was employed to create a series of visual explanations of the sometimes rather complex plastics manufacturing processes. These accompany the objects on display in MoDiP from 13th September...
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Plastic Space Jewellery

11 December 2018
I am a Year 10 student at Bournemouth School for Girls and recently had to design and make a plastics product as part of my GCSE Graphics coursework. The design brief was to produce a product for a set audience based on the work of Tatty Devine , a company that produce original and fun statement...
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A parade at MoDiP

21 November 2018
Whilst filing paperwork recently I came across the leaflet for the Eames Elephant we have in our collection. Elephant stool, Charles and Ray Eames, Vitra, 2012. AIBDC : 006729 It is a favourite object of mine, and it got me thinking about other elephants we have in our collection. A quick word...
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To Bake or not to Bake, that is the Question?

29 October 2018
As the fruits of autumn inspire us to start baking in earnest, we tune in with relish to watch seasonal programmes on our plastic television sets. In Great British Bake Off, one contestant was shamed because they left a sheet of acetate (very useful baking material) to hold together their rapidly...
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