Maxi dress (style 444), Frank Usher, 1975

31 August 2022
Having just watched a documentary about the 1970s sitcom ‘The Good Life’ last night, I was inspired to write this blog about MoDiP’s lovely Frank Usher maxi dress (refer image below). I am sure it would have been the kind of thing that Margo would have worn, perhaps accessorised with a sparkling...
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CC41 Utility blouse

24 November 2021
A recent workshop provided the opportunity to look a little closer at a number of synthetic garments in MoDiP’s collections, and this blouse (refer image below) particularly caught my attention. AIBDC : 000824 Image credit: MoDiP It is very popular and gets used for research by students and teaching...
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How students and staff use the collection #8 - International Students

6 September 2012
During the summer months of 2012 MoDiP has been busy supporting the work of the summer schools and our International students by providing access to the collections in a number of ways. In July we were asked to provide a collection of brightly coloured artefacts to support the Fashion Studies Summer...
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