Introducing Lisa Moro, MoDiP Student Creative 2021/2022

19 January 2022

My name is Lisa Moro and I am in my final year of the BA Fine Art at AUB and am excited to have been chosen for the MoDiP Student Creative.

Over the last few months, I have been exploring making work using Augmented Reality and my submission to MoDiP was to make work using AR as a medium.


Fertility Games, Lisa Moro, 2001.
Augmented Reality (AR), Bournemouth University Gym.

I was particularly interested in bringing items out of the museum environment and placing them in real world situations.

My previous work has had themes around body parts and domesticity and machines, and with this in mind I have been searching the catalogue to find items which are labour saving devices to work with. Examples of those which I will be looking to use are :

Stick blender, AIBDC : 001478

Iron, AIBDC : 0_1962

For this project I have also been on a steep learning curve extending my skills using 3D and AR software and I have had help from AUB innovation to explore ways to recreate the items in 3D and am pleased to say I now have this aspect nailed!

 As part of my research into artists using AR I have visited some exhibitions which are currently running, The Seeing the Invisible exhibition at the Eden Project has work from 12 Artists. Visiting the exhibition gave me a chance to see a range of work and how the technology works in practice and also to consider the visitor experience and signage.



TimTimur Si-Qin, Biome Gateway, 2021.
Augmented Reality (AR), Seeing the Invisible, Eden Project.

My next step will be to digitise the items I will be working with and explore ways to manipulate them. I do not have an end result in my mind yet so am excited to see what emerges over the next few weeks.


Lisa Moro
BA Fine Art