Provocative Plastics: Their Value in Design and Material Culture


Lambert, S., 2021. Provocative Plastics: Their Value in Design and Material Culture. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. This book covers the following: 1. Introduction by Susan Lambert - Part I Plastics in professional practice - 2. The materials consciousness of plastics by Russell Gagg - 3. Plastics' value as a sculptural medium by Richard Hooper - 4. Can plastics be a muse for future feminist innovation? By Flora McLean - 5. Deplastification? By Sebastian Conran - 6. The imperfect aesthetic by Stefan Lie, Berto Pandolfo, and Roderick Walden - 7. Witches' knickers and carrier bag theories: thinking through plastics by Joanne Lee - 8. Plastics manufacture and sustainability: start thinking in cycles by Eric Bischoff - Part II Plastics and societal use - 9. 'Plastic fantastic lover': plastics and popular culture ... 1945 to the present by Mark Suggitt - 10. But they're only imitation...? plastic flowers that can disgust and delight by Kirsten Hardie - 11. Ambiguous artificiality: The presentation and perception of viscose fibres and fabrics in Norway in the 1930s by Tone Rasch - 12. Plastics' canonisation: aspects of value in the Camberwell inner London education authority collection by Maria Georgaki - 13. The changing fortunes of plastics in museums and galleries by Deborah Cane and Brenda Keneghan - 14. Materiality and perception: plastics as precious materials by Gerson Lessa - 15. Plastics and social responsibility by Susan Mossman - Index

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