Loopamid x Zara padded parka


A black padded parka with a high collar and detachable hood. The jacket was launched on 23rd January 2024 and was the first to use the the breakthrough textile-to-textile ciruclar process. Every part of the jacket, including the fabric, buttons and zip, is made of BASF's loopamid PA6 material which exhibits the same characterists as virgin polyamide and can be recycled multiple time. The coat is made entirely of nylon 6 created from 100% textile waste (post industrial and post consumer waste). BASF joined forces with Inditex brand Zara and used a 'design for recycling' approach which sees all of the garment being made of the same material. This is a milestone toward circularity in the fashion industry and is a pioneering approach to closed loop for nylon textiles. Inditex sought multiple fashion industry partners to ensure Loopamid's use throughout the mono-material garment: ModaRe, a collection program that classified, sorted, and provided discarded textiles as feedstock; RadiciGroup, which transformed loopamid into yarns with varying characteristics; YKK and Velcro companies, which used Loopamid for buttons, zippers, and hook-and-loop fasteners; Tessitura Vignetta, Freudenberg, and Gutermann, which developed inner labels, filling, and threads. The chemical recycling process used to create loopamid breaks down pre-used textiles into caprolactam, a monomer liquid. The liquid is purified and polymerized into polyamide 6 resin that is spun into new fibers or materials. By 2030 BASF aims to double its sales generated with solutions fo the circular economy to 17 billion Euros. To achive this the compnay is concentrating on three action areas: circular feedstocks, new material cycles, and new business models. By the same year Inditex aims to have 100% of its textile products to be made exclusively from materials with a smaller environmental footprint. To dod this the group expects to have 25% of the textile fibres made from next-generation materials that do not yet exist at an industrial scale, 40% of conventinal recycled materials and 25% of organic and regenerative fibres.
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printed: "Sustainability-Innovation Hub. The sustainability Innovation Hub is a platform that supports new technologies, materials and processes to limit the environmental impacts of our products, helping us advance toward more sustainable solutions and circularity. The goal of this platform is to identify and test innovative initiatives with a view to scale them up to our supply chain and the textile industry. Loopamid(R) x Zara. Loopamid(R) is an innovation that utilizes textile waste as a feedstock to create a like-new material. Through a chemical recycling process, polyamide 6 (PA6) is recovered from textile waste to produce new recycled fiber. This garment is monomaterial; It is made entirely from 100% recycled textile polyamide. Including the fabric, zipper, yarn and velcro. In collaboration with several companies, this jacket has been designed according to the principles of circularity such as ensuring a uniform composition in all its parts." (swing tag)

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AIBDC : 009746