Vivo Teknica VP-TEK-80

Front view of a material sample showing the fabric and the information label.
Front view of a material sample showing the fabric and the information label.


A sample of Clo Insulation Vivo Teknica. This insulation is designed to be used in clothing to keep the body warmer during low, medium, and high activity levels in any cold temperature and comes in a range of weights from 40gsm (grams per square metre) to 220gsm - this example being 80gsm. This material is made using 100% recycled polyester fibres made from plastic bottles which are locally sourced in Europe where the product is manufactured. The company are able to track exactly where the fibres are manufactured, and where the 'post consumer use' plastic bottles used to make these fibres come from. This gives the benefits of ensuring that their supply chain is stable. As the fibres and materials are manufactured locally, Clo Insulation are able to check the quality of the fibres before they enter their manufacturing line which helps to ensure that the resulting product is made to the highest quality standards. Clo Insulation test their products to IS0 11092 RCT which measures the thermal resistance of the insulation, giving a value for warmth. The Vivo insulation has the highest RCT values meaning this product can provide the maximum warmth. Due to the selected use of tiny fibres and a unique structure in which they form the insulation, this product also allows moisture vapour to pass through this garment layer making this insulation breathable in order to improve the overall comfort. This characteristic of the material is tested according to ISO 11092 RET, which measures the evaporative resistance of the insulation. The perforated holes in this sample increase the breathability by 30%, the apertures are big enough to allow moisture vapour to escape, yet small enough to retain warmth.
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