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Side view of a plant waterer showing the circular shape and slightly tapered sides
Side view of a plant waterer showing the circular shape and slightly tapered sides


A Waterboxx plant cocoon from Groasis, designed by company founder Pieter Hoff, a Dutch Lily breeder. His original idea to plant trees in degraded land without using drip irrigation was first conceived in 2003, but after extensive development, testing and adaptation, this round version of his product was introduced in 2008. Reusable up to ten times, the Waterboxx is placed over trees, shrubs, flowers or vegetables, which grow though the opening in the middle of the container. It catches rainwater and produces water from condensation and dew, which slowly drip down to the plant via a wick, and the stored water stabilises the temperature underneath to create a micro-climate, further supporting growth. The Waterboxx can be removed after one year, by which time the plant will have become established with deep roots, able to tap into ground water and survive without assistance. The system has been successfully applied in over 40 countries and saves time, water and money as plants grow faster and are more productive. The technology has been commercially available since 2011 and has won numerous innovation and environmental excellence awards, including being appointed a 'National Icon' by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2016. Since then, Groasis has contributed to reforestation, food production and ecosystem restoration projects across the globe, testing the Waterboxx in extreme conditions such as within the Sahara, the deserts of Kuwait and the Galapagos Islands, all areas with limited water supplies. The parts are injection moulded in polypropylene (PP) and consist of a green coloured water reservoir, a black coloured centre plate (to promote condensation water production on the lid), a beige coloured lid with grooves (to collect water from rain and dew), a blue coloured cap to seal the container and two syphons to guide the water into the reservoir and prevent evaporation. A nylon wick completes the unit with an optional Growsafe Telescoprotexx plant protector, a green sheet of PP which can be folded into a tube to wrap around the plant to prevent damage from grazing animals and offer additional frost, storm and wind protection.
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moulded: "Cadmium free. Art. Nr. 1005. 21. 8. PP. 2011. sticker. 2031. Made in Holland." (reservoir underside)

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AIBDC : 009172.1