Aquamate solar still

Side view of a solar still showing it inflated.
Side view of a solar still showing it inflated.


A solar still made from phthalate free polyvinyl chloride. This inflatable device is designed for emergency use to provide a source of clean drinking water by distillation and solar radiation. It is inflated by mouth or foot pump. Using a valve in the centre of the base, the dome is inflated to 75%, allowing the heat of the sun to fully inflate it further. A tapered bag is attached to fill the unit with 5 litres of sea water. 500-2000cc of drinking water collects in the reservoir in a 24 hour period, depending on weather conditions. A layer of black heat absorbing material covers the 'dirty water' reservoir which helps to accelerate evaporation.This solar still design has been in use by both military and civilian services for over 50 years. It is recommended that the unit is replaced after five years and as such each one is dated on the sealed pouch that it is supplied in, and on the dome. Detailed instructions for use are printed on the outer pouch.
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handwritten: "AQUAMATE Solar Still Batch No. 220621 Serial No. 1325 Manufacture Date JUN 21" (label on dome)

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AIBDC : 009158


2021 (circa)