Gravity Water System Model S01003

Side view of a drinking water system showing the bag, tube, and straw together.
Side view of a drinking water system showing the bag, tube, and straw together.


The SimPure brand Gravity Water System comprises a 3 litre capacity themoplastic polyurethane water storage bag, a silicone drain/feed tube with shut off clamp, a water filter straw with an outer body made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a screw on bottle interface made from polypropylene, a slide-on handle/clip,a metal carabiner (clip), a textile hanging strap and PVC coated textile pouch. It is designed to filter stored fresh water collected from streams, rivers or lakes for example. On its own, the straw can be used to drink water directly from the surface. The straw uses a combination of a coarse pre-filter, a 0.1micron hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane, a 5 micron coconut shell granular activated carbon filter, and a 0.2 micon polypropylene fiber fitler that is designed to remove heavy metals, chlorine odours and microplastics. Over its life, the straw can provide up to 1500 litres of drinking water at a flow rate of 27 litres per hour, effectively removing dirt, parasites, viruses and bacteria etc. to provide clean, safe drinking water. Measurement given is for the straw only.
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printed: "GRAVITY BAG Care and Cleaning. To keep water reservoir clean, inhibit contamination and prevent bacteria growth, follow these tips: 1. Clean with mild detergent and rinse the reservoir thoroughly. 2. Make sure reservoir is completely dry, inside and out, before storing. 3.Avoid contact with extreme heat/cold, harsh chemicals, UV light and sharp objects - these lemements will damage the reservoir. BPA FREE. non-toxic plastic. no bisphenol A . no Phthalates" (front of bag)
printed: "SimPure (R) stay simple, stay pure Personal Water Filter. " (side of straw)

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AIBDC : 009139


2022 (circa)



water storage bag
feed tube


TPU water storage bag
thermoplastic polyurethane
silicone feed tube
ABS straw
acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
textile straps and pouch
PVC coating on pouch
polyvinyl chloride
PP bottle interface, handle and clip
metal carabiner