Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 2

Spectroscopy chart PVC

Net bag, 1950s

Polyvinyl chloride




The history of this bag is unknown.


Made entirely of the featured material, polyvinyl chloride, except for the metal rings.


Polyvinyl chloride is chemically an unstable material. The plasticiser has come to the surface making it sticky. Chemical change to the polyvinyl chloride has lead the pink to darken in places.


Degradation typical of the material not visible in this example

It might have become rigid. There could be a strong 'plastic' smell.


None. The deterioration is irreversible.

Display and storage

Lay flat, Interleaved and loosely wrapped in silicone release paper to stop it sticking. It could be stored with molecular sieve sachets to absorb acid. Store in the dark to slow discolouration. Keep cool, if possible at 10 - 15°C.

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