The residency has also lead to a number of workshops, some led by the artist and others by AUB staff.

Workshop with Mariele Neudecker: St Lukes School Year 6

Arts University Bournemouth, 9 July 2015

This workshop was linked to the Plastic Vanitas Photographic Challenge.

The children had brought with them Lego with which to make individual still lifes. As the children assembled their individual constructions MoDiP staff talked to them about the ubiquity of plastics drawing attention to both their positive and negative impact on society. The artist then worked with them on their individual still lifes and on a group effort.


St Lukes workshop

Workshop with Mariele Neudecker: AUB MA students

Arts University Bournemouth, 21 October 2015

At this workshop Mariele Neudecker discussed the power of collections to stimulate creativity and the thought processes underpinning her practice, reflecting especially on the development of Plastic Vanitas. She also shared her knowledge of more practical subjects such as the steps for creatives becoming recognised and obtaining appropriate support, for example a gallery  or agent to act on their behalf. Additionally the students had the opportunity to discuss their own work with her.


AUB MA students

Workshop with Deano Pickering: for children in care

Arts University Bournemouth, 28 October 2015

The 21 young people of mixed ages (all under 18) were given an introduction to and tour of the Plastic Vanitas exhibition. Then they were encouraged to re-create three-dimensional still lifes of everyday things, working with paper, wire, acetate and found materials to 'draw' three-dimensional forms. They were encouraged to explore form, texture, marks and the appropriateness of materials.

At the end of the workshop the participants explored composition and arranged the made and drawn objects into a series of still lifes. These were recorded photographically as shown here:


children in care
children in care
children in care

Feedback from the workshop was positive.

The young people...engaged well with the activitiy and learned valuable lessons about creative forms and the importance of galleries in shaping culture. Some of the students ...engaged in a positive manner and left wanting to explore the topic of plastics more. This is significant as some do not engage with main stream education and find concentrating on a single task challenging.

Karen Bennette of Dorset Kids

Workshop with Deano Pickering and Diane Poote: Drawing around the image

Arts University Bournemouth, 29 October 2015

This workshop was linked to the Big Draw, the national drawing festival which took place throughout October. Participants consisted of 15 students from the Arts University Bournemouth's Saturday Art School and approximately 35 drop in family groups. After a brief introduction and tour of the Plastics Vanitas exhibition, participants were encouraged to 'draw' 3-dimensional still lifes of every day items using paper, wire, acetate and found materials. The workshop resulted in a series of mixed media collages and some 3-dimensional wire forms as iillustrated here:


Drawing around the image
Drawing around the image

Among participants comments were that they learnt how to 'plan a design' and 'work as a team', that they 'could take good photographs' and 'you can do anything with materials'. And they said: 'it was fun', 'I enjoyed the activity', and 'I would like to do it again and make a different shape'.