Rest: quiet hobbies

Quiet, relaxing hobbies are a way of focusing the mind and easing the everyday stresses of modern life. With many hobbies, plastics can either be an integral or incidental player.

The injection moulded polystyrene pieces of the tank model (1) are easily snapped out of the framework and can then be trimmed with a sharp knife. The methodical process of gluing the parts together, then decorating the finished model with acrylic paints, and affixing transfers can prove to be a thoroughly absorbing activity.


Other equally absorbing activities are knitting and sewing, both of which are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Other than their use of synthetic yarns and fabrics, plastics can provide clean, lightweight storage for yarn (2), knitting needles (3) and sewing accessories (4).


Restful hobbies are not just confined to indoors. One of the joys of fishing is sitting quietly by a lake or river enjoying the natural surroundings. The reel bobbin (5) is made of phenol formaldehyde, often referred to as bakelite, which offers a solid base onto which the line, often made of nylon or polythene amongst other plastics materials, is wound.  Although the split shot weights (6) have a metal core they are coated in a plastics material which prevents water getting to the metal and causing corrosion.