Play: leisure sports

Leisure sports are non-professional, and often carried out without any competition. These sports can be pleasurable, relaxing activities such as swimming and snorkelling or extreme and challenging like snowboarding. However, whether they are pleasurable or challenging the equipment used often includes plastics materials.

The Cressi fins (1) have blades made from flexible polypropylene which enables the water to be channelled over the fin. This flexibility, along with the position of the foot pocket, minimises water resistance making it possible to propel yourself forward with ease.


The Stunt or Sport Kite (2) is delta shaped and is used to perform stunts in the sky, sometimes to music, either individually or as a team of two or more competitors. It has fibreglass rods, known as spars, to give the kite rigidity and a Spinnaker nylon wing or sail. This material is also known as ‘rip-stop’ nylon and is the same type of fabric used for the high speed Spinnaker sail of a yacht. If you look closely you may see the grid formation woven into the material, this stops a tear or rip from expanding beyond the small square it is in.


For use in snowboarding, the Vans boots (3) support and cradle the foot and ankle providing a comfortable cushioned ride. The fabric is made of a variety of plastics and provides a breathable, lightweight construction with good insulation, and waterproofing keeping the foot warm, dry and healthy.