Clothing inevitably wears out especially when it is worn in high demand situations such as during sports, in the sea, and in the sun. To avoid adding to the vast amount of textile waste which ends up in landfill each year an option is for consumers to return their clothing to the manufacturer to either recycle or repair the item for resale.

Rubymoon is a circular, not-for-profit swim and active wear brand. It is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) and supports women entrepreneurs across the globe with micro loans. This rash guard (1) is made using Econyl a yarn made from discarded fishing nets. It is designed and manufactured according to circular, regenerative and slow fashion principles and is accepted back by the company to be recycled.


The Presca Forever Tee (2) is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, approximately 5 x 2 litre clear bottles are used to make each shirt. Presca, a UK sportswear brand, worked with Poseidon Plastics, a recycler, and a team from Teeside University to scale up the original Kickstarter project which encouraged customers to return the shirt at the end of its usable life.


The Finisterre Zenith Ti bikini top (3) was purchased by MoDiP through a company called Reskinned. This company work with brands to rehome preloved clothing through a take back scheme. Customers send in their unwanted clothes for a reward, with every brand in the scheme having a different programme and credit value. Reskinned validate the item and send the customer a voucher code that they can then use on the brand’s own website. All clothes sent to Reskinned are resold having been repaired and cleaned, repurposed or recycled. Items that are not right for the UK market are sent to the company’s long-term partners in other markets, where they are sold to people who do want them. Items for resale have condition and repair notes on the Reskinned website so that customers know what to expect. This bikini top is described as having a small thread pull on the front, and that a stitching defect has been repaired on the strap.