Designing clothing that changes shape with the wearer offers many benefits, particularly in terms of sustainability and mindful consumption. By manufacturing clothing that expands and adapts to the wearer’s changing size, less frequent purchases are made lowering the overall production of garments, reducing resource use, energy consumption, and waste generation. Additionally, the unique design aspects of adaptable clothing stimulate the fashion industry and encourages designers to think more creatively about materials, construction, and the mechanics of clothing, leading to new ideas and advancements in fabric technology and garment design.

The Mamalila babywearing rain jacket (1) is designed with two separate zip-in panels to facilitate a 3-in-1 fit, allowing parents to use the same jacket through pregnancy, babywearing, and beyond. One panel zips into the front of the jacket to accommodate the mother’s growing stomach; while the second panel can be used over a baby-carrier to shield both parent and baby from the wind and rain. Forward-thinking fashion designs are not just limited to humans, the Grow-With-Me dog raincoat (2) is designed to expand up to two sizes through the use of a stretching belly panel and adjustable buckle closure so that the coat can be worn from puppyhood through to adulthood. Additionally, the back panel of this raincoat unzips, extending the length of the coat for full coverage. Both of these coats utilise the hydrophobic or water repelling properties of polyester for their outer shells.


Childrenswear is a primary focus for designers creating adjustable clothing, to reduce the number of items outgrown and repurchased. The Petit Pli Clothes That Grow set (3) is made completely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and utilises a fabric folding technique, inspired by origami principles. This technique allows the clothing item to grow in both length and width, as a result, this clothing set will comfortably fit a child through seven different sizes. Similarly, the intelligently designed Shoes That Grow (4) expand five sizes and remain durable enough to last multiple years. Each shoe can be adjusted in seven different locations using Velcro straps and a metal s-hook for a complete adjustment in size.