Waste capture

Plastics represent 7% of the UK's waste of which 89% is industrial waste and 11% is domestic waste. 56% of the total plastics' waste is packaging.

Recycling triangles

The recycling triangles indicate that the material is capable of being recycled. As different plastics have different physical characteristics and cannot be recycled together satisfactorily, the number identifies the particular plastic. However, whether or not you can recycle your plastic waste depends on the facilities in your area. The 07 triangle represents plastics that do not fall into any of the other categories and none of these plastics is currently recycled on a national scale.

At the time of this exhibition, Poole Borough Council, where MoDiP is situated, recycles three types of plastics: (1) PET (E), (2) HDPE, and (3) PVC.


Poole Borough Council does not recycle the packaging below:  (4) LDPE, (5) PP, (6) PS. This is because these items are made of plastics or mixtures of plastics for which there is little demand and therefore little resale value. They therefore go to landfill.