Schools can visit the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), on campus at Arts University Bournemouth.

Engagement sessions, using the collection as creative inspiration, for object-based learning or to inform about design in plastics, can be delivered either in the museum or as outreach to schools.

Bespoke sessions can be tailored to your school’s needs and the national curriculum, or you can choose from established sessions such as Eco-plastic Detective which encourages young children to become curious about the plastic packaging they encounter on a daily basis.

MoDiP’s handling collection brings school sessions to life and allows children to hold museum objects that are often beyond their physical reach.

Take a look at our learning resources including digital and physical grab boxes which can be downloaded or borrowed.

If you would like to book a visit please return a visit request form to us - see our group visit page. 


When exploring MoDiP, we encourage schools to also visit TheGallery, ask the MoDiP team for more information.