object research

Mystery of the Paliwear Cascelloid coat

1 May 2024
Hello all, A recent donation to our collection has sparked interest and amusement among the MoDiP team as we have very limited information on its production and every research attempt, thus far, has led to a dead end. Researching the origins and history of objects in our collection is one of my...
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Injection-moulded vacuum jug

18 October 2023
As we have mentioned previously in various blog posts we are making our way through a series of trade journals that we have in the collection. They are proving to be invaluable in our understanding of some of the objects that we own. One of our latest discoveries relates to a vacuum jug which is not...
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Salter 59 kitchen scales

12 July 2023
Once again flicking through the trade journals in our collection and recognising an object that we own has enriched our record with a wealth of information. This time I was looking through an edition of British Plastics from February 1955 and I stumbled across a fabulous article about the...
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Wunup Baccyflap

27 July 2022
A few weeks ago, we delivered an outreach engagement session to a local school, showing Year 7 pupils a selection of plastics objects related to WWII (refer image below). A selection of the WWII related objects. Image credit: Katherine Pell One of the objects that really caught my attention was the...
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Mouldings of Merit

6 July 2022
I know that I have written about my own fascination with trawling though old industry publications in previous blogs but, once again, the effort of doing so has been very rewarding. Actually, if I am being honest, on this occasion it was a colleague who was doing the trawling, but knowing that I had...
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OXO kitchen utensils, Smart Design, 1990

22 June 2022
Last week I finally completed the catalogue records for a number of OXO kitchen utensils that MoDiP received as part of a generous donation back in November 2021. A total of 163 objects made their way into the museum’s collection, and I have already written a couple of blogs about some of the other...
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Record and cassette rack, Conran Associates, c.1977-1990

13 April 2022
Following on from my blog post about the Input range, designed by Conran Associates, manufactured by Crayonne Ltd (a subsidiary of Airfix Plastics set up in 1972) and sold through Habitat stores, this week’s post introduces some additional pieces from the series: the LP record and cassette racks...
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CC41 Utility blouse

24 November 2021
A recent workshop provided the opportunity to look a little closer at a number of synthetic garments in MoDiP’s collections, and this blouse (refer image below) particularly caught my attention. AIBDC : 000824 Image credit: MoDiP It is very popular and gets used for research by students and teaching...
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Object Analysis sessions

20 October 2021
As term begins and the Arts University Bournemouth continues to welcome back students, we are beginning to return to some kind of normality. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been having zoom conversations with courses, introducing and reintroducing them to the museum and how they can use the...
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Damard Lacquer Company

8 September 2021
An intriguing object found in amongst some recent donations to the MoDiP collection turned out to be something rather special. This shiny black piece of hard plastic came with a small handwritten note explaining that: ‘This phenolic rod was given to me by H.V. Potter, Chairman of Bakelite Ltd. He...
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K-Tel's Burger Matic, 1976

25 August 2021
I have just catalogued this K-Tel Burger Matic, which was kindly donated to MoDiP by a friend of mine. Image ref: AIBDC : 008700 Image credit: Katherine Pell It works by making up to 8 burgers quickly and easily: a reusable polyethylene (HDPE) plastic disc is placed in the acrylic (PMMA) tube...
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