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Playing Well with LEGO

7 June 2023
On a recent trip to the Museum of Design in Plastics, I was reminded of my first visit to LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark. I have been lucky enough to work with LEGO over the past eight years, producing games for their new LEGO sets. My first project was updating the mobile game LEGO City for...
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Gardening in Miniature

10 November 2021
Originally posted on 12/05/2018 by the Gardens Trust on their blog. Reproduced here in edited form with kind permission from Dr David Marsh, the author and a trustee of the Gardens Trust. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you were going read a post about gardens in bottles, on saucers, mini...
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An Orange Tree and a Bitter Orange Tree, Practices of Care

14 July 2021
Sarah Carne is a London-based independent artist and educator whose practice employs a wide range of forms including video, performance, text, conversation and drawing. She is interested by status, value and rank and how these determine the opportunities we access, the materials we use and how we...
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In search of early plastic chairs

24 February 2021
I am looking for help in finding examples of early plastic chairs from the UK and for information on a New York-based company active in the 1930s-1950s. The earliest plastic chairs that I have come across were designed for New York-based Grosfeld House in the late 1930s. They appear to have been...
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Everywhere: Life in a littered world

25 November 2020
By Joanne Lee and Rosemary Shirley Joanne Lee and Rosemary Shirley are the curators of ‘Everywhere: Life in a littered world ’, an online exhibition for The Arts Institute, University of Plymouth, launched alongside Micro2020 , an international scientific conference on the fate and impacts of...
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Horn Chairs

14 October 2020
I’m always amazed at the number of chairs MoDiP has in the collection. We are lucky enough to have some iconic designs including two of my favourites: the Panton chair, the first single-piece plastic chair to go into mass production in 1967; and the E Series chair, which instantly brings back...
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Record store day

21 August 2020
In a normal year, one day in April would see over 200 independent record shops across the country coming together on Record Store Day. However, as with many things in 2020, celebrations have had to be postponed. So, instead of one day to celebrate vinyl records and the stores that promote them, we...
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Horn (part 2) My Latest Hornware Find

15 April 2020
I go to car boot sales a lot - there are plenty in Cornwall in both the summer and the winter. I do see a lot of 'tat', but I try not to be too distracted or disheartened by it. Sometimes, however, I find something that is interesting. This I got for £1… It’s a paperknife, made out of horn in the...
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The Shape of Jazz to Come by Ornette Coleman

26 February 2020
The Shape of Jazz to Come is the highly influential third album by Ornette Coleman and was issued on the Atlantic record label – his first record for the label - in 1959. The album has been categorised as either avant-garde jazz or free jazz – a term Coleman coined from the title of one of his...
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Horn (part 1)

19 February 2020
`Swift is the hare, cunning is the fox, Why should not the little calf grow up to be an ox, to get his own living midst the briars and thorns, and die like his daddy with a GREAT PAIR OF HORNS.` (Song of the Dorset Ooser). Rebecca Davies My name is Rebecca Davies and I am a graduate in Archaeology...
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We’ve Got a Fuzzbox Picture Disc and We’re Going to Display it!

15 January 2020
We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use it! were an all-girl English alternative rock/pop punk band from Birmingham who formed in 1985 and after shortening their name to Fuzzbox, recorded 6 UK Top 75 hits during their career (to date). Fuzzbox AIBDC : 0_2235 The Top 75 Singles Chart now utilises a...
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