Cultural Hub

Museum Week 2024 - Biodiversity

5 June 2024
This week we are celebrating museums and cultural organizations around the globe by participating in Museum Week 2024. Each day of this week is set apart with a unique theme that encourages art and culture centres, such as MoDiP, to highlight aspects of their collection and everyday activities...
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Communicating loud and clear

1 July 2020
Continuing with our Life goes on… theme, I’d like to share the many ways in which we, the team at MoDiP, have been adapting and further developing our means of communication with students, staff and everyone we work with and for – not to mention our public audiences - over the last few months, as we...
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Expression Through Music

20 June 2018
We recently delivered a project: Expression Through Music, which was the result of a successful project proposal being submitted to the Cultural Hub with us receiving a grant of £2,075 to deliver the project. Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high...
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