Celebrating with Dr Kate Hall

28 July 2021

Last week saw AUB’s graduation ceremony and we got to celebrate with our good friend Dr Kate Hall.  Kate was MoDiP’s first associated student and completed her PhD in the academic year 2019/2020 but because of the COVID restrictions AUB didn’t have a ceremony last year and decided to celebrate both 2020 and 2021 finishers this year over three days.

Dr Kate Hall.  Image credit: Louise Dennis

Kate’s inquiry examined the place of creative writing in the wider context of design writing. She explored the relationship between poetry and designed objects and how poetry impacts on the ways in which we respond to them. Her work has developed new methods of research and a concept of Design Poetry that critically articulates both designer and user experience through the medium of creative writing and poetry in particular. In her research, her own poetry has rested a lens on the plastic chair ­– an object, everyday and ordinary, yet having the potential to be extraordinary.  You can find out more about Kate’s work on the research pages of our website and see some of her work on the residencies page.

The famous walk across the stage. Image credit: Louise Dennis

The weather was beautiful and graduation is always special but this year it was particularly special for the MoDiP team.  Huge congratulations to Kate from all of us, and we wish her well with her future endeavours. 


Louise Dennis

Curator of MoDiP