Zanussi Oz fridge - modelmaking project

19 June 2019
What I did I have made a model of Zanussi’s Oz Fridge at a scale of 1:4, designed by Roberto Pezzetta during the 1990’s. The form of the Fridge takes on a ‘Fertile, pregnant shape’ which the market research preferred, whilst the duck egg blue colour was used to promote the idea of freshness. Both of these elements were important to capture in the model in order to accurately represent the product and its fun, vibrant character.  

AIBDC : 001926 Zanussi Oz fridge
Image credit: MoDiP
Why I did it As part of my final year on the modelmaking course here at AUB, I needed an object to model for my Final Major Project. Ideally I was looking for a product that was thin, tall, and colourful; something that would stand out at our Graduate Show in June. One of the tutors on the course suggested the OZ Fridge to me, which fitted my criteria perfectly. It was a unique product that would challenge my making abilities. 

Image credit: Lydia Rogers
How I did it For this model, I wanted to explore the differences between traditional modelmaking compared to rapid prototyping techniques. This means the main body has been handmade out of Model Board using traditional machinery, whilst the door has been 3D printed using the Ultimaker. Most of the extras like the hinges, temp gauge and feet have been 3D Printed using the Form 2, whereas the back panel and shelves have been laser cut then heat bent into shape. The rubber seal, netting and screws are the miniature equivalents of the actual materials. 
Image credit: Lydia Rogers
Final Result  Overall, I very pleased with the outcome of this model – digitally and physically. Despite a few hiccups and technical problems along the making journey of this project, the challenge has been well worth it by the final outcome of Zanussi’s OZ Fridge. It is as accurate as I could get the model to be for its scale whilst capturing the curvature of the object and producing the same characteristics of the actual product. Working with MoDiP has been very useful and successful. Without this product being in the collection, I wouldn’t have been able to know the measurements of individual components or have the vital understanding of the shape and form to recreate within the model.
Lydia Rogers, Modelmaking student.