Coca-cola at 125 years

13 December 2011
Coca-Cola: It's the Real Thing.....Coke is It!

A global favourite and a design classic - the carbonated drink and the superbrand Coca-Cola celebrates its125th anniversary in 2011. Coke has become an important part of our commercial and social culture. Coke’s legendary Santa Claus advertising character, designed by American artist Haddon Sundblom in the 1930s, has become a powerful symbol of the festive season. Coca-Cola’s television advertisements that promise Holidays are Coming are surely the cue for Christmas that many viewers welcome.
Coca-Cola on display   Whilst the taste of Coke is savored, its packaging, advertising and merchandise is cherished with many fans avidly collecting the myriad of materials available. The Coke can is an important marketing tool where images are displayed upon its surface to give additional flavour to the brand. MoDiP holds a range of Coca-Cola objects that have been amassed over a number of years, many donated by students and staff. International examples have been brought back from holidays afar whilst promotional items have been secured when they pop up in charity shops and alike.    Let's raise a glass and toast this successful brand – Happy Birthday Coca-Cola.
Case One Upper: including sporting and seasonal memorabilia
Case One Lower: The classic design
Case Two Upper: International Coke
Case Two Lower: Including books from the AUCB Library
Case Three Upper: The glamorous side of Coca-Cola
Case Three Lower: Unusual places to find the Coca-Cola logo
Kirsten Hardie (AUB Principal Lecturer & National Teaching Fellow)

    MoDiP would like to thank the following people for their loans to this exhibiton:
  • Kirsten Hardie lent many of the objects on display
  • Mathea Fermann Jensen lent the 125th Anniversary bottle
  • Chirstian Edwardes lent the stretched bottle
  • Paul Gay lent the Yo-Yo
  • Susan Lambert  lent the earrings and post card
  • Beata Lukasiewicz lent the bottle impression


Be good for our community to join together in more collaborative collection displays that relate to MoDiP artifacts and key cultural events.

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